Patagonia Farms makes steady progress to make pharmaceutical cannabis project a reality in Chile.

Patagonia Farms is pleased to announce approval of our engineering and architectural plans for the construction of a pharmaceutical grade API manufacturing laboratory by the Chilean Institute of Public Health.

There is nothing better than seeing things bearing fruit even in the midst of very difficult times. We want to congratulate the entire Patagonia team for the work shown in these 2 years: To the chemists, architects, doctors, agronomists, lawyers, executives and consultants.

Today our laboratory team obtained the approval of laboratory blueprints by the Chilean Public Health Institute. (Instituto de Salud Publica) This is the first pharmaceutical lab blueprint approved in Chile 100% dedicated to cannabis, novel molecules and active pharmaceutical ingredients. It is a great achievement on the path that we are following.

Patagonia Farms also congratulate our legal team who have managed to complete the process to have a cultivation license. Patagonia Farms SpA ® is a Chilean company with a pharmaceutical character and designed based on the pharmaceutical law and its current regulations (based on 03/2010 decree from Chilean health ministry), issues in cannabis crops, new novel drugs and do processes typical of the pharmaceutical industry.